The Tripartite Environment Ministers Meeting

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  • Dust and sand storms

 Current Projects

Tripartite Environmental Education Network

      Brief Project Description

      At TEEN15(2014.10.23. Jeju, Korea)

      This project has been led jointly by environmental education institutes of Korea, China and Japan for effective environmental education, with a thorough recognition that the environmental education improves human behavior and constitutes one of the most important initiatives in working on environmental problems.

      With each national focal point playing a central role, env.....more

      Implementing Agencies
      - Korea: Ms. LEE Eunju
      The Korean Society for Environmental Education (KOSEE)
      tel: +82-43-230-3760
      fax: +82-43-232-7176

      - Japan : Mr. SATO Hideki
      The Japan Environmental Education Forum (JEEF)
      tel : +81-3-3350-6670
      fax : +81-3-3350-7818

      - China: Ms. YAN Yingying
      Center for Environmental Education and Communications (CEEC)
      tel: +86-10-8464-6361-605